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Hi Derek,
just to let you know i have sold the camper, i put it up on ebay, a cheaper price and threw in my own drive-away awning, lost around a grand but summers over and we have just decanted to another house whilst my house rear is completely rebuilt, the point being it is a terrible place for parking and i must keep my yaris. i put the van up at 4 a.m. and it sold at 09.30, a dealer from Bradford, i had expained that i swear there is a small leak on one pipe but expained i had a bill showing nothing was found afer a pressure test etc. The good news yet beweildering was that pleasant driver called me last evening to inform me that he had returned safely and the van had been a dream and thanked me for my honesty as did his boss. Such a srange set of affairs, oh well not the end of the world for me, i will probaby stick with a uk made van come spring, for obvious reasons. I thank you for trying hard to solve this problem that didnt seem to exist ! I went to you after reading reviews as i do with any purchase of anything and saw that you, like me now, are an honest person, so i`ll finish by wishing you good luck and also for helping. please do not hesitate to use any part of this mail for a reference or reveiws in the media if it will aid your business in any way , martin. Bromley.